About Us

We are Alastair and Renée, a British cycling fanatic with a passion for cooking, and a Californian yoga enthusiast with a head for finance and a nose for wine.

The birth of our son, James, inspired us to move from London in 2019. La Maison, with its beautiful architecture, peaceful surroundings and proximity to fresh food markets, wine, cognac and the Atlantic coast, offered us the perfect opportunity to leave the ‘métro, boulot, dodo’ (commute, work, sleep) routine behind us.

La Maison du Petit Jacques is named for our son (‘Jacques’ is the French equivalent of ‘James’).  We are also near one of the main routes of St Jacques de Compostelle, the route marked by scallop shells to direct pilgrims to the relics of St James in Galicia, Spain, which is why visitors will find the shells in various places in our home.  

Moving to France also inspired Renée to obtain her Vinyasa Flow yoga teaching credentials.  She first discovered yoga in Los Angeles as an antidote to a high-stress corporate job, finding that it not only could strengthen, tone and lengthen the body, but also help quiet the mind. 

Having spent many years in the pursuit of deeper bends and more difficult arm balances, after the birth of her son she saw her yoga practice with new eyes: as a way to recover and rehabilitate. Renée tailors her classes to individual needs, whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced practitioner.

To find out more, visit: https://bodymindspirityoga.fr/ 
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